2 thoughts on “Sandy raises good questions (cartoon by Chappatte)

  1. Great cartoon–funny!!

    Obama is a great speaker but he has proven to not be a do-er. Dont Vote Obama

    Montgomery triangle is awesome!!

  2. I was about to make my blog private so that I can crawl back under my rock and just scribble away in a composition notebook like I like to do, when I was suddenly distracted by this cartoon. I feel for all of us being as dependent as we are on a gargantuan artifice that is so vulnerable, leaving us all equally vulnerable in a hostile, indifferent universe. Your cartoon helps put things into perspective … People don’t have to like natural disasters, but to hear politicians trying to rally for “we can rebuild” makes me “sick” – not ill-sick but insane-sick.

    What actors politicians are. Look! The emperor is not only naked, but he’s sucking his thumb contemplating his belly button in the corner. What monkeys we all are! Keep up the satire. Thanks for a dose of real reality!

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